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3rd Eye Open “Live Painting”
August 2020 & 2021 & 2022
Location: Wings Court
Partners: 3rd Eye Open

Gomes School Mural
Location: 286 S 2nd St, New Bedford, MA
Partners: New Bedford Public Schools
August 2022
By Jacob Ginga (Maker Jake)

Community Boating Center
Location: 1641 Pandanaram Ave
Partners: Community Boating Center
Spring 2021
By Tim Cole

West Beach Selfie Wall
Location: West Beach Boathouse
Partners: New Bedford Department of Parks & Beaches
July 2021
By Veronica Geary

NB is Lit
Location: Acushnet Ave | Custome House Square
Partners: 3rd Eye Unlimited
July 2020
By: Chelsea Arruda, Mark Carvahlo, Jacob Ginga,  Brian Tillett, Devin Nived McLaughlin, David Guadalupe, Mandy Fraser, Matthew C. Albanese, Ryan McPhee, Deha Haden,  Kyle Furtado, Shelley Cardoos,  Fitzcarmel LaMarre, Chakira Gonsalves- El Khoury, Tracy Barbosa

Postcards to New Bedford
Location: the back wall of 674 Pleasant Street.
Partners: NB Creative | Wicked Cool Places
July 2020
By Greg Pennisten, Kailey Barrows,
Alex Jardin, Lena McCarthy, and Eden Soares.

JazzWall featuring Rick Britto, Armsted
Christian, Paul Gonsalves, Bobby Greene, Herbie King, and Joe Livramento.
Location: 23 Centre St.
Partners: Fiber Optics Center, Whaling City Sound, the New Bedford Historical Society, and Wicked Cool Places
August 2020
By Kat Knutsen

Sears Court & Crosswalk
Location: 572 Pleasant St. New Bedford, MA 02740 (Police
Station & the Sky Bridge); and Purchase St Crosswalk (between Wings Court & Sears Court).
Partners: City of New Bedford – Planning Dept.
September 2020
By: Brain Tillett

Painted as part of the citywide DATMA ‘Summer Winds’ festival

Winds of Change  – #1
(Chamber Building)
August 2019
By Greg Pennisten

Winds of Change  – #2
(Superflat NB Temporary Wall/Achusnet Ave)
August 2019
By Tim Cole

Bisca Tournament Club Mural
Location: Bisca Tournament Club on Acushnet Ave.
Partners: Bisca Tournament Club & YMCA
By David Guadalupe Jr.

Create os Futuro
Location: Corner of S. Water St. & Division
Partner: New Bedford Housing Authority, New Bedford Art Museum/Artworks
By Cedric ‘Vise1’ Douglas

Art-Making with Ben Rose Gardens Community

Courting the Sky
Location: Clasky Common Park Basketball Courts
By: NBAM/AW, Maria Molteni & New Craft Artists in Action
Superflat NB was one of many partners that helped sponsor its creation.
Photo credit: John Maciel

Love Wins
Location: Acushnet Ave/Wings Court
By: Ryan McFee

We Art NB Mural 
A new installation on Acushnet Ave (between Custom House Square and Wings Court) featuring photographs of New Bedford artists taken by Kim Goddard. Join us during the May 9th AHA! Night for a Mural Mash-Up. More details coming soon!

Pics by Meaggsy Bogues & Don Burton

Basquiat by Brian Tillett
Painted during the 3rd EyE Open Festival 2018.
Love by Cey Adams
Painted during the 3rd EyE Open Festival 2018.
The Superflat NB Wall:
A rotating outdoor gallery
Live Mash Ups
Painted during the 3rd EyE Open Festival 2018
Featuring the photography of Janette Beckman
Free Standing Walls 
Painted during the 3rd EyE Open Festival 2018

Graff Takeover at Brothers Artisanal

Pop-Up at Hatch Street Open Studios
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